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Health Prism: Healing the legacy of trauma

Embark on a journey of healing with Raina’s Zeal, where we compassionately address and overcome the legacy of trauma.

Our Mission: At “Health Prism” we are driven by a powerful mission – to make mental health discussions a commonplace within the African and African-American community. By breaking down barriers and dispelling the stigma, we aim to create an atmosphere of acceptance and positive change.

Our Vision: Our vision encompasses healing the legacy of trauma within our culture and fostering a stronger, united community. Through education, discussion, and presentation, we aspire to empower individuals to confront their mental health challenges and cultivate resilience.

Topics We Cover: In each episode, we delve into a range of essential topics that directly impact the African and African-American community. From intergenerational trauma to self-care practices rooted in our cultural heritage, we explore the complexities of mental health with sensitivity and compassion.

Join us as we engage in insightful conversations with mental health experts, community leaders, and individuals who have triumphed over adversity. Together, we strive to redefine strength as the courage to face our vulnerabilities and seek support.

Recent Episodes:

Understanding depression from African immigrants’ perspective
In this episode, we talked about depression from a cultural lens and the belief of traditional African immigrants that the causative factors of depression are supernatural. We discussed how this long-held belief is problematic and how myths about depression can act as roadblocks to seeking professional help when needed. Furthermore, we talked about what depression might look like in African American/immigrants patient.

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