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Mastering Your Mindset

Mastering Your Mindset

What is Mindset? And how can you master it? To understand the process behind mastering your mindset. you have to understand how your brain works between mind body and soul

The brain is unique and controls all bodies that have souls. In the same way, the mind is part of the brain but it’s a mental state. It’s associated with feelings, thoughts, and wisdom. It affects and influences both positively and negatively by the outer forces.

This is where your mindset mastery comes in. It’s all about taking in the positives and flushing out the negatives to not disrupt the peace and connection between your mind, body, and soul and limit your growth in life.

This article will help you unlock your potential by mastering your mindset. You’ll know how you can achieve mindset mystery in 10 simple steps that you’ve always longed for. 

Types Of Mindsets

Your mind is creative and imaginative and If not leashed can run wild. You need to identify the type of mindset you’re in first, to help yourself. 

According to Dr. Dweck, the two types of mindsets are

Fixed Mindset: 

A fixed mindset feels that it doesn’t have the ability to change. Its often discouraged and one cannot keep up with the challenging situations. Effort and grit seem meaningless and intelligence feels static. A fixed mindset often feels emotions like stress, disappointment, self-doubt, and anger.

Growth Mindset: 

A growth mindset believes that intelligence can develop. And the ability to learn is unbound. A growth mindset has a passion to achieve goals in career and life. And recognizes that challenges are a means to achieve happiness and balance in life. A growth mindset thinks positive and often feels elated, encouraged, motivated, and determined.

Here are examples of how people with fixed vs. growth mindsets approach situations.

Fixed MindsetGrowth Mindset
Feels intelligence cannot develop. And wants to look smart but avoids challenges to learning.
The efforts are meaningless and fruitless.
Cannot take criticism and avoids feedback.
Feels threatened by the success of others and gets demotivated.
Believes intelligence can develop. Learn to get smart and embraces challenges to achieve goals.
The efforts will make me better and setbacks will make me strong
Learns from criticism and feedback.
Feels inspired by the success of others and wants to strive for better in life

3 Keys To Master Your Mindset

After you realize that mastering your mindset is the key to success. You understand the power of a growth mindset. Having a learning mindset will not only help you set realistic goals but to achieve them. A balanced life will shape your thoughts and how you see the world. 

There are three important keys to unlocking your potential. While you embark on the journey to mindset mastery. 

The Power Of Visualization

This helps you see the future the way you want it to turn out. Let’s take an example of a young boy who wants to play soccer on his favorite national team. The boy trains every day keeping himself in good shape. But many others like him are too. What makes him different? The motivation that he has from visualizing his goal. Visualizing helps you embrace the challenges and end self-doubt to achieve your dreams.

Avoid Negative Self-Talk At All Times 

Disrupt the cycle through affirmations. The moment your brain tries to talk negative. Have one or many positive affirmations and write them down. The moment you learn to break the cycle of negative self-talk, iot will make a healthy difference to your mindset.   

Make the Environment Positive

Make your everyday routine positive and something to look forward to every day. Try to get some exercise or move around your desk. Take breaks when needed. Dress up if it lightens up your mood and look at yourself and smile in the mirror often. Embrace the challenges and surround yourself with people who influence a positive mindset.

How You Can Master Your Mindset In 10 Easy Steps

Upgrade Your Belief System

We all have a belief system we go by. But not all beliefs we hold are serving us good. Take a piece of paper and write down things you believe in. some will trigger pleasant emotions but others might make you feel you are not good enough. Practice the growth mindset here. Tell yourself negatives can change to positives with some effort and motivation.

Learn To Listen To Your Inner Voice

Listen to your inner voice, the conscience, or your emotional system. The emotions you feel every day will guide you toward your mental well-being. If you feel positive you should enhance that feeling to feel happier. But if you feel helpless act on it. Before your emotions change into anger or depression, anxiety, or nervousness. Try to slow down or even talk to someone.

Listen To Your Body

Your body and soul have a  connection to your mind. A fixed mindset can be felt by your body. Feeling low, mood swings, headaches, and not feeling well most of the time might be due to a poor mindset. Be mindful of yourself and what’s bothering you.

Develop Motivation And Habits Of Excellence.

Develop habits that are motivating and healthy. An exercise routine, an inspirational podcast, and reading a book are excellent habits. You can also watch a movie, and hang out with friends. Or have an engaging conversation with people who can help you master your mindset.

Watch What You Consume

The information you take in from your surroundings can affect your mindset. The quality of talks you engage yourself with and the types of books you read is who you become. The information you consume impacts your mindset. The Internet has the image of a perfect life that can sabotage your mental health. Only try to consume information that benefits you.

Be Your Own Appreciator

Mastering your mindset can teach you to appreciate yourself. Wins might be big or small but appreciate yourself often. Think of situations that were difficult to loolk  to bebeyond. But they made you strong and positive. Appreciating yourself can be hard work. But the positive outcome is motivating.

Meditate for Mindset

There is so much information on the internet on meditation. It can help in mastering your mindset.  Meditation quiets the mind and makes you aware of your thoughts and situations. Meditation is usually recommended to be done in a quiet place. But for some, it’s not the place but their minds are full of noises. Meditating when you need the most for a few seconds can shift your perspective. It can resume you from a mind hijacking situation.

Coaching Programs

Getting in touch with a coaching program is a game-changer. For some, it’s reading books and blogs or meditating. Having conversations with people is also effective. But  might not be as effective as coaching. Experts in every field need a mentor for a positive mindset.

Practice The Growth Mindset

Practice makes you perfect. The same goes for the mindset. To feel richer and happier you have to practice the growth mindset every day. Life happens every day. We feel all sorts of emotions on daily basis. Life gives us enough reasons to practice the growth mindset. A growth mindset teaches you to get along with everyday challenges and struggles. Mindset mastery is the path you walk on every day.

Surprise Yourself

Let’s see, you are in a situation that makes you angry and depressed. Could be the loss of a loved one or a painful break-up. Even if you get hijacked by the situation, come back strong. Fight the helplessness and stand tall. Surprise yourself by taking control of the reigns of your mind and emotions. Always remember, no situation is stronger than your mind 

How To Know If You Need Mindset Work

Our minds work in mysterious ways. But if left to wander, might get stuck into a pattern of thoughts and actions that won’t help. If you feel you can’t break the cycle of feeling depressed or are feeling emotional all the time. Then it’s affecting your career and life. You should slow down and ask for help. 

Some of the signs that you need mindset work are:

  • Your actions are based on fear and can’t make rational decisions.
  • You can’t say no and put yourself first.
  • You find it difficult to follow your goals and inspirations.
  • You are always overwhelmed and can’t think straight
  • You take on responsibility but you never get things done
  • You feel stuck in your career and life.

Bottom line/Conclusion

Mastering your mindset is all about feeling determined and energetic. We are always surrounded by two forces positive and negative. These two forces determine whether a person has a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. 

You can’t hold on to every thought that comes to your mind. Likewise you can’t encourage every emotion you feel. Because negativity will crush your mind, body, and soul connection in the long run. Surround yourself with positive people, books, tv shows, and colleagues.

Do things that make you happy. Make mental peace your priority and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. Mindset mastery comes from practice and the willingness to get better.


Why does mastering mindset matter?

If you want to get unstuck and grow in your career and life. You need to embrace change and think of challenges as stepping stones.

How Do I Train My Mindset?

This article tells you 10 simple steps to master your mindset. But before that, you need to realize, visualize and motivate yourself first to train your mind.

How mindset can affect your life?

Your mind and thoughts have the power to make or break your present and future. Feed the positivity and come out strong.

How can I improve my mindset?

You can improve by changing your environment. Developing healthy habits, and enrolling in a coaching program can help too.

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